October 8, 2019

Big Tech Moves Away from Cookies

One thing we have learned from the past two decades of digital marketing is that personalization matters. No matter how invasive the techniques to find out through our online footprints who we are, what we are (currently) doing, and predicting what we are planning to do in the future (travel, shopping, reading), the majority of consumers still want a personalized, contextually relevant advertising experience. In other words, consumers prioritize convenience — and are willing to give up some privacy rights to get it.

In the wake of the Facebook scandal (sharing their user’s data with Cambridge Analytica) and the many massive data breaches from companies like Yahoo (3 billion user accounts), Marriott International (500 million customers), eBay (145 million users), and Equifax (143 million consumers), viewers are becoming increasingly aware of how their data is being used, abused and stolen– and they want to take control of their data.

Apple and Google, sensing these changing attitudes, have decided to tighten up “cookie” tracking security within their browsers making it more difficult to both track viewers and personalize the viewer experience.

Why would they do that?

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Posted on October 8, 2019 by Garry Smith