June 18, 2018

revealit Appoints Channel Expert and Entrepreneur to Advisory Board

revealit Corporation ( has announced the appointment of Brett Campbell to the revealit advisory board. Brett is a successful entrepreneur and channel expert, co-founding Nintex, the world’s leading workflow platform for Microsoft, and currently Founder & CEO of investment firm Harvey Partners, with investments in ABC Creators, Fitcode, HarvestWest, SkyGiraffe, Assist, Joga, Overload Golf, Bigfoot Biomedical.

Brett Campbell, revealit advisor


Brett is a visionary who has established a reputation for turning that vision into reality through sound implementation, driving material business advantage by engaging staff and clients, developing unique business offerings, and grounding it all in financial information that levers the business. Combining managerial, financial, and IT acumen, he provides strategic insights into business growth and opportunities within the IT sector.


As co-founder and leader of Nintex, Brett was personally responsible for creating and driving the culture, resulting in a Global Partner Program with more than 900 partners supporting 5000+ customers across 90 countries. He grew the company from $0 to over $55m, successfully divesting for over $222m in 2013.


We’re excited to have Brett join the team, and will have more news in the coming weeks! To stay on top of all the latest announcements, be sure to follow our social channels below or connect with us on Telegram!

Posted on June 18, 2018 by revealit