August 1, 2018

revealit Sponsors Inaugural Blockchain Saturday Event

revealit is a proud sponsor of the inaugural Blockchain Saturday Utah (, a community-driven event being launched in the Salt Lake City area, with the goal of providing a free-to-attend event to bring together experts, vendors, and attendees to learn about the space, share best practices, and network. This all-day event will be held on September 8th at the Karen G. Miller Conference Center at Salt Lake City Community College in Sandy, Utah. Doors open at 8am.

Taking a page from the very successful SQL and SharePoint Saturday model, Blockchain Saturday is always free to attend, with speakers and organizers volunteering their time and expenses, and sponsorships covering the venue, food, and giveaways. Along with Microsoft, ClearFoundation, and other regional blockchain companies and local meetups and user groups, revealit is planning to participate in many of the Blockchain Saturday events going forward as a founding sponsor.

Organization of this event is being led by revealit CMO Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet), who has helped create dozens of similar events around the western US and Canada over the past decade. Additionally, revealit advisor Michael Meehan, an intellectual property counsel at Hickman Palermo in San Francisco Bay Area, will speak on “Intellectual property and the blockchain.”

Other participating speakers include:

  • Michael Proper, Chairman of ClearFoundation
  • Timothy Ruff, Co-founder & CEO of Evernym, and Co-inventor of Sovrin
  • Michael Hiles, Founder and CEO of 10XTS
  • Wil Bown, Founder of Neureal Foundation
  • and several other influencers and leaders from the local blockchain and startup community.

If you would like to attend this inaugural Blockchain Saturday event, you can register at  

Azure Blockchain Saturday