Insights October 8, 2019

Big Tech Moves Away from Cookies

One thing we have learned from the past two decades of digital marketing is that personalization matters. No matter how invasive the techniques to find out through our online footprints who we are, what we are (currently) doing, and predicting what we are planning to do

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revealit CEO Garry Smith shares his thoughts on big tech changes to browser cookies and data privacy
Insights October 1, 2019

Permission Marketing in a Video World

When marketing is done well, we are often entertained and educated, but more importantly, we are motivated toward taking an action. Unfortunately, most marketing is not done well. Within video especially, advertising is often annoying and it interrupts us, and yet it is

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Permission marketing in the digital video space with revealit
Insights September 18, 2019

Shoppable Ad Formats on the Rise

As the CEO of a startup in the media industry, I have been staring at the numbers in this space every day for more than three years. Sometimes the numbers are consistent, but sometimes you must dig and think more deeply about the data to make sense of the dislocation, o

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Shoppable video is on the rise
Insights September 12, 2019

Lessons from the decline in Broadcast TV

Five years ago, after successfully exiting my last company, I was remodeling my home and I saw the most beautiful pendant lights on the show ‘House of Cards’ in Frank and Claire’s kitchen. They were the right color, size and style, but the problem was that while I

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Vintage TV